Our reputation is built on our dependable, professional service.

Company Info


MDS is a family-owned and financially stable company with long-term relationships with both customers and employees. MDS is in growth mode, growing it's revenues by 60% in the last year.

A "flat" organizational chart and hands-on management allows MDS to make decisions and commitments quickly. A stable driver base and seasoned dispatchers allow MDS to provide the highest quality service to its customers, including such well-known companies as Flowers Bakery, Rich's Foodservice, and International Paper.

MDS uses modern equipment maintained by a professional program featuring in-house engine rebuilds, preventative maintenance, and safety awareness. This attention to matters of safety creates low accident rates, low worker's compensation rates, and very few cargo claims.

History of MDS

Morristown Drivers Service, Inc. was founded and granted a corporate charter in 1982. We are headquartered in the hills of East Tennessee at 1111 Gateway Service Park Road, Morristown, TN.

The deregulation of the trucking industry resulted in serious problems for a number of motor carriers. For Morristown Drivers Service, it has been a golden opportunity. We have built our reputation on providing customized service through dependability, professionalism and innovative management. We believe that this high-service truck market is and will continue to be a large segment of the trucking industry, and that Morristown Drivers Service is in an excellent position to take advantage of that growth.

Mission Statement

We believe it takes more than equipment to run a dependable, high service company such as MDS; success takes people dedicated at all levels within the company. We’re a company that works as a team that strives to provide excellent service to our customers. Excellent service is the only service MDS, Inc. knows how to provide, because "SERVICE - IT'S IN OUR NAME!"